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Best Neck Pillow For Travel

Ergonomic U-Shaped Travel Neck Pillows Are Designed By Doctors And Recommended By Doctors. These Travel Neck Pillows Are Great For Traveling, Working On Computers, & Watching TV.

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Ergonomic Travel Neck Pillow
Because this neck pillow is so much like a medical cervical collar, this is also the perfect pillow for people that have suffered whiplash or deal with any type of cervical neck strain due to excessive computer usage. Sitting at a desk all day can certainly takes a toll on your body. Good posture will help.

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Are you a really tall person? Do you have longer neck than other people? Our tall pillow is just the right pain relief cushion for you!

What causes the neck pain?

Neck pain can occur anywhere in your neck, from the bottom of your head to the top of your shoulders. It can spread to your upper back or arms. It may limit how much you can move your head and neck.
Neck pain is common, especially in people older than 50 therefore prevention can be very helpful.
Most neck pain is caused by activities that strain the neck. Slouching, painting a ceiling, or sleeping with your neck twisted are some things that can cause neck pain. Neck strain, a sprain, or a spasm of the neck muscles is common.
Neck pain can also be caused by an injury. A fall from a ladder or whiplash from a car accident can cause neck pain. Some less common medical problems can also lead to neck pain such as infection and certain spinal conditions.
If your neck pain is long-lasting (chronic), you may have trouble coping with daily life. Common side effects of chronic pain include fatigue, depression, and anxiety.
Get it treated. Don't let it bother you.

The Design Concept

The Design Concept of Sunshine Travel Neck Pillows.
Patented Design
Ergonomic Travel Neck Pillow

Sunshine Pillow focuses on creating products that fill a specific need in a very unique way. We focus on how a specific product will work for you and how it will work the best on your body. We realize that you are buying our items to help you with a need and we create our products to fulfill and satisfy that need. Our dedication to detail and quality can be seen in every portion of our health care items.

One of our products that we have created with your comfort in mind is the Ergonomic Travel Neck Pillow. This specially created pillow will fit most adults and is available in a variety of sizes so you get a customized fit. There is even one that we custom make for tall people with longer necks. We created this to have a very unique shape that is different from other travel pillows you can find just about anywhere.

This travel neck pillow is particularly helpful to people with neck problems. The Ergonomic pillow provides the right support for the head allowing the user to nap in a comfortable but healthy posture during a long flight or car ride. It is also perfect choice for use in a recliner chair. With the help of such a travel pillow, your head won't sleep sideways, and you won’t wake up with a painful neck or a stiff neck.

Our neck pillow is firm at the head area so that you get strong head support and it is narrower and softer at the cervical area. The enlarged end portion of the pillow legs provides chin support to prevent head-nodding while you rest or nap. The zipper opening allows for easy adding or removing of stuffing for self-adjusting the firmness that is comfortable for you.

Just because it says travel pillow doesn't mean you can't use it every day at home. For those that suffer from TMJ and Trigeminal Neuralgia and have constant mouth, chin, cheek, neck and ear pain, this Neck Pillow is made for you. Because of the neck and chin support that the pillow offers, it will help you to sit up correctly and not slouch over, giving your neck and face the support it needs to lessen the pain and keep you comfortable.

The strap on the back portion of the pillow is wonderful for slipping over the neck rest in your car or over a chair back so you have ergonomic support wherever you sit. Our fabric is like none other. It is super soft and comes in several patterns and colors. Your face will be cradled in comfort and softness the whole time you are using it.

For the traveler, those with neck or facial pain or someone that works on a computer many hours straight, our unique Ergonomic Travel Neck Pillow is a perfect fit for you. You will find comfort and pain reduction when using a pillow created to give you a healthy alternative for relaxation.

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