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Microwave heating pads are an excellent way to combat common muscle pains or aches. Almost everyone has experienced discomfort in their muscles at some point. Here you will find the best microwave heating pads for your neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain,  joint pain relief, and more.  These microwave heat pads are affordable, offer long lasting heat, washable and reusable. Try them out today.

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Our Microwave Heating Pads offer muscle and joint pain relief. Our microwave heating pads are the best for muscle and joint pain relief.

The moist heat from microwave heating pads provide badly needed muscle pain relief. Only need to microwave these heating pads for 1 or two minutes. The extra long neck heating pads are wide enough to cover your neck and long enough to wrap around. Stays on the shoulder when you walk. Most popular among our users.
A customer said: “I’ve tried many microwave heating pads and this is the best! Fits great around both the upper neck and the shoulders. The heating pad is filled the perfect amount, pretty full, but not so much to make it hard. This is a life saver for anyone with chronic pain who needs the muscle pain relief.”
Ergonomically designed, our Microwavable Lower Back and Shoulder Joint Heat Wrap is ideal for everyday lumbar or shoulder and back pain relief. This pain relief heating pad can wrap around your body and stays secure with the tying straps. It is filled with flax seeds divided into multiple chambers so that the filling remains in place when you move around. Just microwave it for a minute or two to enjoy the heat. Or freeze it for an hour to use it as a cold pack. The back wrap measures 63″ x 10″, long enough for all sizes. The heating portion measures 10″ x 18″. If you need longer strap, we have a style that we added 20 inches of extension. Check it out.

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