Sunshine Pillows Pain Relief FAQ's

Is it safe to use my credit card here?

Yes, we use Paypal as our back end credit card processing agent.  All the information is secure (SSL or https://).  We don't store your information on the site.  Everything is transmitted to Paypal when you enter the information.

When do you ship after an order is placed?


We are taking a winter break.  We will ship out your order in January, 2017. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Normally, we can ship your item within a day, most of the time in the same day.  Heat wraps are shipped via USPS priority mail (2-3 day).  Pillows are shipped using USPS first class mail (3 - 5 days).    Custom made items may take longer.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

What are the shipping charges?

The shipping charges are:

Pillow: $5.99

Heat Pad: $5.99

Custom Pillow: $9.99

Small items (eye pillow, heat patch, pain relief patch): $2.99

Second item ships free.

Over $100 purchase: free

What size of pillow should I get?

Two things you need to know before you order a pillow: the neck length and the neck circumference.

sunshine pillow selection diagram

Can I wash the pillows or heating pads?

You can machine wash the entire pillow without taking out the polyester fiber filling.  Remember if the pillow has any scented materials or has an extra support column, please make sure you take it out.

Most of our heating pads have covers that can be washed.  Some of them can only be wiped clean with a piece of wet cloth.  

Please hand wash the custom tall pillows only to make sure the shape stays.

How long should I microwave the heating pad?

Please follow instructions on the product label came with your product. Your microwave may also be bigger than ours (1100 watts), so adjust the microwave time accordingly.  You should never overheat the heating pad due to the risk of fire.  Depending on the weight of your heating pad, you may increase the microwave time. To reheat the heating pad when it is still warm, please remember to cut the microwave time to 1/3 of the original time required to heat.

If you have the XL body heat wrap or XL shoulder wrap, please flip the heat wrap during the microwaving process.  It may prevent it from burning at one spot.

heating and freezing instructions

heating and freezing instructions

relax at the beach with a neck pillow
Which heating wrap should I get?

Depending on where your pain is.

For neck pain: extra long neck heat wrap or C-shaped neck heat wrap

For Upper Back Pain:

shoulder and upper back heat wrap

For lower back pain: (you can move around)

lower back heat wrap with straps

For back pain, leg, knee pain etc:

XL body heat wrap

For shoulder joint pain:

lower back  and shoulder joint heat wrap with straps

Look around, we have many options.


My mom can't use heavy heat pads, do you have lighter ones?

We have a line of products for seniors.  For neck shoulder pain, these are lighter:

Light weight neck heat wrap

size medium shoulder and upper back heat wrap


Can I add lavender scents to my product?
Most popular products have this option available.  Please visit to make your selection.


Can I return your products?
Yes. Please feel free to send the product back to us. Just let us know and we will send you a prepaid return label via email. All you need to do is to print the prepaid shipping label.
The best way to send products back to us is to use the post office. Use the first class mail for the pillow, and flat rate envelope for the heating pad. Do not use the flat rate box for only one item.
The shipping charge when you placed your order will not be refunded. If you paid for the shipping yourself, we will only refund $4 for a pillow and $5.50 for a heating pad.


Are the pillows firm?

Yes and No.  Simple physics, the shape ensures that your neck gets the rest with the most comfortable force.

Can I wash the pillow?

Yes.  It is perfectly safe to machine wash the entire pillow without removing the stuffing using gentle cycle. However, gentle hand washing is recommended.
If your pillow contains a lavender sachet or the supportive coloumn, please remove it through the zipper opening before soaking in water.

Can I wash the Sunny Bay heating pads?

If it has a removable cover, you can take it off and wash it.  It is perfectly safe to machine wash the entire cover using gentle cycle. Never wash the insert. The flax seeds or rice will soak up water and may grow (just kidding).

Where can I buy it in stores?

Please check the store list.

What is the advantage of Chiropractic Neck Pillow?

The Chiropractic Neck Pillow has an extra firm neck support insert. It helps in maintaining your proper spine alignment. Most people without neck problems don't need this type of pillow. People with sensitive necks, visit doctors or chiropractors for neck problems, and use traction tools may be benefited from the extra neck support.

Do you have bigger heat wraps for more coverage?

We have larger version of many popular styles.  For example, the XL shoulder and upper back heat wrap is created when people kept asking us to custom make bigger ones.  The Large Neck Heat Wrap has a bigger neck ring and heavier than the regular one.  The Lower back heat wrap also has style with longer straps (72 inches).   

How to use it when I sleep?

You may flip the pillow so the opening is away from your neck, and the neck support part is still at the neck area. You may use it side ways or sleep on your back. Put the pillow in a pillow case would also work fine.

Which type of fabric should I pick?

In general, plush/minky materials are softer than fleece. Luxury Shaggy fabric is the softest. This special fabric is breathable as well. It is ideal for both summer and winter. We have limited supply of this type of fabrics.  Only size medium pillows are made with them.

Who won in March 2015 Giveaway?

March 2015: C. LEHMAN from PITTSBURGH PA and C. Markussen from Santa Barbara CA.

Can I use the heat wrap or pillow for sleeping?

Yes, you certainly can! A lot of patients use the pillows or heat wraps in bed. Use a cotton cover over the pillow enhances the comfort. Please note that the custom made tall pillows are not comfortable for sleeping use.

I don't have a microwave, how to heat the heat wrap?

Even in this day and age not everyone has a microwave. In fact, natural heating pads were being used long before microwaves were even invented. In times past, natural heating pads were warmed by the hearth or oven. here is an easy way to do it yourself.


*Heat oven to 350 degrees and then turn it OFF.

*Place heat pad in a baking pan or cookie sheet and spread it out flat.

*Place in turned off oven for about 30 minutes.


You can experiment a little with the time to get it just right, but be sure to always have the oven off before you put the heat pad in.


If the pan you are using has baked on grease, you can place a paper towel under the heat pad to protect it from oil stains.


If the oven is used for cooking supper, once its turned off you can use that residual heat to warm your heat pads for your family to use as bed warmers. In the winter time, this is a ritual that kids just love!

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