Heated Neck Pillow, Microwave Heating Pad and Cold Therapy For Pain Relief

Tired of Neck Aches and Muscle Pains?

We have the best selection of Custom Heated Neck Wraps and Heated Neck Pillows. Get the relief you need with Hot and Cold Therapy from Sunshine Pillows. 

You Deserve a Break!

Fall asleep more easily with a Sunshine Pillows Travel Neck Pillow and wake up feeling refreshed.

The body heating wrap is perfect for anyone who has a need for soothing tired, sore back muscles. For people with simple muscle strains to those with chronic pain, this heating wrap will become your go to selection for comfort and relief.

Lavender is the perfect aromatherapy scent. Our lavender comes from local Washington farms. Ergonomic Microwavable Heating Pads and Travel Neck Pillows with lavender reduce stress and relax the soul.

Sunshine Pillows wrap around your neck. They provides direct head support to a user sitting upright or in a reclined position such as when traveling, working on computers, and watching TV. Guaranteed comfort. Best value for your $

You know, sometimes things can be a real pain in the neck...or back, or shoulder. Long distance travel, hours sitting in front of a computer or television, sports injuries or muscle strain, joint pain due to arthritis...wherever you might have pain, Sunshine Pillows has a product that will provide soothing relief and support. Our microwavable heat wraps, and heated neck pillows, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes, will provide soothing relief and treat soreness from temporary to chronic pain.

Sunshine Pillows’ Ergonomic Neck Pillows provide comforting support for your head and neck and are perfect for travel by car, coach or airplane, or simply resting in bed, or on a recliner.

Our heat therapy products in combination with lavender, treat neck and shoulder pain, reduce stress and relax the soul.

Be good to yourself. Enjoy relief, comfort and support. Look around for the solution that’s right for you. The gift giving season is always right around the corner. Sunshine Pillows make the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

What Makes Sunshine Pillows the Best Neck Pillows for Travel?

A neck pillow not only helps you stay comfortable during long flights or car rides — it can help people with cervical spine problems and facial pain feel better and prevent injuries. A neck travel pillow that’s designed by doctors, like the ones from Sunshine Pillows, provides support where your body needs it most. Our team carefully considers body needs and provides a wide variety of customized, ergonomic travel pillows for your neck, whether you’re looking for extra support or you’re tall and can’t seem to find a pillow that fits your needs.

A neck pillow fits around the neck area, with a deep depression to cradle the head and with extra padding under the neck. Wearing a neck pillow helps prevent the head from falling too far to one side, alleviating pressure on one side of your neck that works to keep the head up. Because neck pillows are helpful in keeping the neck in alignment with the spine, they’re not only great for travel, but they’re great for everyday activities such as watching TV in your recliner.

When choosing a neck pillow, you’ll want to look for features including:

  • 360-degree support. This ensures you can be sitting upright or reclining and still get the vital support you need.
  • Custom fits. No neck is the same. When choosing the best neck travel pillow for you, look for options that include diverse sizes so you can get the optimal fit for you.
  • Soothing comfort. Your travel neck pillow should include elements that make it a dream to wear. Chin supports allows your head to rest comfortably on the pillow. This reduced pressure on your neck muscles gives the pillow a calming quality. Strong neck support with a narrow neck band cradles your head while protecting your spine.

All these features are found in Sunshine Pillows neck pillows. Our pillows are recommended by doctors with patients needing a travel neck pillow.

"Sunshine Pillows Ergonomic Travel Neck Pillow
I own one and just purchased a few more. Love this most comfortable pillow, super great for long rides. I just used it for a (one way)18 hour, almost none stop drive to Florida. and used on the way home.. It kept my head from going down on my chest I had neck surgery about 6 months ago and searched out a few different makes. Some are so much they caused my cheeks to itch, irritating. This pillow is soft and comfy and holds my head in a great position. I am giving them for gifts, and also purchased an extra one for me for the other car. Love the carrying bag , For storage keeps it clean. A+A+A+A+. Highly recommended."

-Deborah Stavis-

"Amazing Products
I thoroughly enjoy all tree products. The long back heating pad is amazing as is the neck pillow....I love the lavender scented eye mask."


"5" small neck pillow
I cant wait to use this pillow when I take my trip in Sept...I got the leopard fleece cover and already love it....there was a mixup with my first order, but I sent the pillow back and Sharon made me the perfect one...she was so cooperative and helpful.."


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