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Microwavable Heating Pads For Shoulder and Back

This microwavable heating pad for shoulder & upper back stays with you when you move around. The wide and extra long tail treats the shoulder as well as upper back muscles with heat to increase blood flow. The fleece cover holds the heat in and provides insulation for your skin.

image of our microwavable heating pad for shoulder and upper, side viewimage of our microwavable heating pad for shoulder and back, back view Three sizes to pick from:

Unscented Microwavable Heating Pad for Shoulder & Upper Back, Size Large

Microwavable Heating Pad for Shoulder and Upper Back, Size Large, 17" x 22", Medium Weight.
Contain 7 cups of flax seeds for the best heat retention and soft feel.
weight: 2.7 lb.
Ideal for shoulder pain and upper back pain. Treats shoulder and upper back muscle groups.
Microwave for 1.5 minute.
Washable fleece cover retains the heat, and provides insulation to your skin. The heat lasts for half an hour.
May be used as a cold pack, but the fleece cover prevents you from feeling the coldness. You may remove the cover when using it.
From $29.95 to $69.99

image of our extralarge microwavable heating pad for shoulder and upper back, top view

Navy Blue
ExtraLarge (26"x20")
Microwave Heat Pad Shoulder & Upper Back
Anti-Pil Fleece
$109.99 $69.99
Made to Order

image of our microwavable heating pad for shoulder and upper back, top view

Navy Blue
Large (22"x17")
Microwavable Heating Pad for Shoulder & Upper Back
Anti-Pil Fleece
$49.99 $41.99
In Stock


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image of our small & Light Weight Unscented Microwavable heating pad for Shoulder & Upper Back

Navy Blue, Rice-filled
medium (15"x12")
Shoulder & UpperBack HeatPad
Anti-Pil Fleece
$39.95 $29.95
Made to Order

large shoulder & Upper Back wrap heating wrap leopard print, microwave Unscented Microwaveable Shoulder & Upper Back Wrap, or Heating Pad, Cover Color: Dark Purple, Fabric: Fleece, Size Large

Unscented Microwaveable Shoulder Wrap, or Heating Pack, Cover Color: Buffalo Plaid Red, Fabric: Fleece, Size Large


Due to demand, we start to make a larger version of this shoulder heat wrap. If you are interested, check out the Extra Large and Wide Microwavable Heating Pad for Shoulder and & Upper Back or click here.


Never mess with cords and plugs again! The Sunny Bay Shoulder & Upper Back Heating Pad is a microwavable and freezable product. Our Microwavable Heating Pad treats shoulder and upper back muscles and we made it thicker for better heat retention and delivery to the parts that need it the most. It is ergonomically designed to stay on your shoulder and upper back so you are not constantly re-adjusting it and trying to mash it into every nook and cranny on your neck and shoulders. We quilted the material so the flax filling will stay in place, the right place, on your body. The flax seed conforms to your shape and fills in every space where you need attention and relief. We took the time to make sure that it supplies long lasting heat for quick recovery. It is easily microwaveable for long term effects on your body. If you have areas that need cold therapy, you can also freeze this product for up to an hour and get several hours of relief. No simple heating pad can do what the Sunny Bay Microwavable Heating Pad for shoulder and upper back can do for you. The great thing about this Microwavable Heating Pad for Shoulder and Upper Back is that it is light weight and portable so you can take it with you on the road while traveling or into the office or anywhere you have access to a microwave. Plus our microwavable heating pad is easy to care for. You can remove the cover and wash it on the gentle cycle in your washing machine to keep it clean. We know how hard it is to find a nice shoulder and upper back heating wrap that is created just for you and works the way it is supposed to. For people that have chronic illness and muscle pains, this is the right product for you. The neck portion wraps around your neck reaching across your collarbones and almost meeting in the front of your neck. Your shoulders are completely covered with this generously wide heating pad. We created the back section extra-long for great coverage of every muscle that your shoulders, neck and upper back could need. Office workers can easily wear this to relax their strained muscles and rid themselves of fatigue. Many people that have had car accidents are going to find this microwavable heating pad perfect for their aches and pains. If you have delicate skin, never fear, for this microwavable heating pad is covered in super soft material that will not pill and will not feel rough against tender skin. We offer several different colors to make sure that you can find the perfect color for your needs.
microwavable heating pad for neck and shoulder Microwavable Neck Hot Cold Pack,leopard
microwavable heating pad for neck and shoulder
Extra Large heating pack
Extra Large Microwavable Back Heating Pad
Lower Back Heating Pack
Lower Back Pain Heating Pack
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