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5/5: "I purchased this as a gift and it arrived within 2 days. After my sister opened her package we all tested it. It held the heat for a good length of time. It was a tad heavy and had a slight smell from the flax seed but overall a great product. It gets 4 thumbs up!"
Maryann D., March 14, 2013
5/5: "Very good seller."
Peili S., March 6, 2013
5/5: "We liked the first one so much 4 of my friends wanted one. You can't beat that for a quality product."
SRBW, March 2, 2013
"Your large heating pack for the shoulder is the best on the market. I have a hard time finding one that can provide heat therapy to my upper back. Most of the heating packs I tried I have to stay put when getting the heat therapy. With yours, I can move around and not worry about it falling off."
" I love your microwave heating pack. Your design of the heating pack is the best. Your heating pack is the most flat I have ever seen.
"Best gift I've got! My husband and I used the heating pack all the time. "
... purchasing a Sunny Bay microwave heating pack...a decision I will never regret.... I go to bed every night with the heating pack and enjoy the heating pack's warmth as well as the portability.
"Your heating pack have been life savers for me and my teammates."
"Your large shoulder warmer is the best. I love the shape and it stays on me." 2008
"The neck heating pack is the best. I love the comfort and the moist heat."
"Sunny Bay extra large heating pack can cover my back and waist. I use it all the time when I go to bed."

Aromatherapy, Lavender-scented Neck Pillow and Microwavable Heating Pads

Lavender is the perfect aromatherapy scent. Our lavender comes from local Washington farms. Ergonomic Microwave Heating Pads and Travel Neck Pillows with lavender reduce stress and relax the soul.

All Made To Order
Lavender-scented Large Microwavable
Shoulder Heating Pad
Lavender Buds Mixed In
Stays On, No-Shift Filling
Extra Large
Heating Pad
For Back Pain Relief
Neck Heating Pad
Thick, Stays On
Neck Pillow
Neck Pillow
Eye Pillow
For Stress Reduction
Use Microwave Shoulder Heating Pack
Large Shoulder Hot/Cold Pack
Extra Large heating pack
Extra Large
Back Heating Pack
Lower Back Heating Pack
Lower Back Pain Heating Pack

How To Prevent Back Pain.

For many people, back pain seems like an unavoidable discomfort. You can cause back pain in any number of ways, but a few major offenders stand out: Not stretching, not paying attention to your movements, and years of wear and tear.
Here are five habits that can result in back pain and simple strategies to stop them before the damage is done.
Back Pain #1: Weekend Warfare, basketball games, workout like a pro, etc.
Prevent it: The only preventive solution I've found for back pain is exercise.
Back Pain #2: Poor Lifting Technique
Prevent it: Engage your abs to help support your back
* Bend your knees and keep your back straight. Don't bend at your waist.
* Don't move something that weighs more than 20% of your body weight.
Back Pain #3: Absentmindedness During Daily Activity. Pick up objects without attend to your back.
Prevent it: Train yourself to keep your core muscles engaged.
Back Pain #4: Commuting
Back Pain #5: Computing
The worst posture is sitting and leaning forward.
Prevent it: You're going to sit. So try these tactics to lessen its impact on your back:
* Get up and move at least once every 20 minutes, unless you're driving.
* Keep your spine properly aligned by holding reading material at eye level (when sitting or standing) rather than bending over.
* Choose a chair that supports your back.
When you still get the back pain, you need immediate attention if you suffer any loss of bladder or bowel control with your back pain. If your back pain keeps coming back, see a medical professional. At the mean time, use heat therapy like this type of large heating pad is very helpful.
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