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ergonomic travel neck pillow

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20 Tall People Pillow Custom Made Tall Travel Neck Pillow
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5 stars
Amazon Reviews
5/5: "I purchased this as a gift and it arrived within 2 days. After my sister opened her package we all tested it. It held the heat for a good length of time. It was a tad heavy and had a slight smell from the flax seed but overall a great product. It gets 4 thumbs up!"
Maryann D., March 14, 2013
5/5: "Very good seller."
Peili S., March 6, 2013
5/5: "We liked the first one so much 4 of my friends wanted one. You can't beat that for a quality product."
SRBW, March 2, 2013
"Your large heating pack for the shoulder is the best on the market. I have a hard time finding one that can provide heat therapy to my upper back. Most of the heating packs I tried I have to stay put when getting the heat therapy. With yours, I can move around and not worry about it falling off."
" I love your microwavable heating pad. Your design of the heating pack is the best. Your heating pack is the most flat I have ever seen.
"Best gift I've got! My husband and I used the heating pack all the time. "
... purchasing a Sunny Bay microwave heating pad...a decision I will never regret.... I go to bed every night with the heating pack and enjoy the heating pack's warmth as well as the portability.
"Your heating pack have been life savers for me and my teammates."
"Your large shoulder warmer is the best. I love the shape and it stays on me." 2008
"The neck heating pack is the best. I love the comfort and the moist heat."
"Sunny Bay extra large heating pad can cover my back and waist. I use it all the time when I go to bed."

Aromatherapy, Lavender-scented Neck Pillow and Microwavable Heating Pads

Lavender is the perfect aromatherapy scent. Our lavender comes from local Washington farms. Ergonomic Microwavable Heating Pads and Travel Neck Pillows with lavender reduce stress and relax the soul.

All Made To Order
Lavender-scented Large Microwavable
Shoulder Heating Pad
Lavender Buds Mixed In
Stays On, No-Shift Filling
Extra Large
Heating Pad
For Back Pain Relief
lavender Neck Wrap
Thick, Stays On
Neck Pillow
Neck Pillow
Eye Pillow
For Stress Reduction
Use microwavable Heating Pad for Shoulder
Large Shoulder Hot/Cold Pack
Extra Large heating pack
Extra Large
Back Heating Pack
Lower Back Heating Pack
Lower Back Pain Heating Pack

What To Do With Your Neck Pain

Bad working habits and deskbound lifestyle has made the problem of neck and chin pain so severe that even young people are suffering from it. The root cause behind these chronic neck pains is the muscular sprain which generally happens due to the long working hours. It has been suggested worldwide from doctors to be active even though you are working; a correct posture is all you need to rectify this problem. But it is always not possible to maintain correct posture due to the continuous stress on the spinal column. These little neck sprain could integrate into severe problems of back pain if not paid heed to. People with serious ailment conditions can consider buying neck collars or neck pillows available at various vendor store online. Always check for quality of the neck color or pillow and while shopping online for neck pillow few things must be considered to make the purchase worth of spending money. Like the pillow should be made up of natural foam, should be designed by a team of professionals with a quality mark from doctors. Various things like feather, cotton, fiber are used in pillows to make them ultra comfortable. Unlike the ordinary U shaped neck pillows choose a better shape which supports your neck as well as your lower jaw. A healthy body is a key to a healthy mind and soul and this would happen only when you take proper care of yourself and your body. The answer to these problems lies in following correct body posture in your daily routine of sitting, walking, sleeping. For instantaneous relief there are certain kinds of pillows with aroma and heat therapy. Neck pillow having Microwavable aromatherapy are the latest addition to the technology where medicinal herbs are implemented in pillows to cure the pain with natural soothing herbs and aroma. Online stores offers Ergonomic pillow which offer the proper support for head and enhance the posture. Various therapies are known to mankind since ancient time of which heat therapy and aroma therapy are quite beneficial for people suffering from neck pains. Heat therapy has been proved medically therapeutic for curing back pains, sprain and spinal cord problems. Microwave heat therapy in neck pillow is used to induce heat therapy in pillows to provide proper comfort. While buying such neck pillows with heat therapy do check for the temperature knob to control the heat condition. These kinds of therapeutic neck pillows can be purchased online easily.
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